Uporabniška izkušnja v OF SMART aplikaciji

How we pinpointed UX mistakes in the
optifarm smart app searching flow.

1. Objective

When everything is clear, check on clarity of information.

Optifarm is an innovative high-tech company, in short food supply chains digitisation. Our flagship product is the digital platform Optifarm SMART that connects retail customers with farmers and other local food providers.

Optifarm SMART is an online marketplace that combines fresh, seasonal and organic offerings from countrywide farmers and other local food providers enabling fast purchase and regular delivery. A one-stop-shop for local fresh food.
The key usability testing objective was to see if the APP searching flow was reasonable up to par with modern UX standards and how it affects on choices of clients.

2. Test participants

How did we recruit test users?

By taking a detailed look at the entire user journey, we identified personas we are looking for. With access to 10+ testers of different demographics, we chose 8 representatives of clients target audience that will give us relevant and credible results. In this case, we were looking for users aged 20 – 50, with different levels of computer skills and with at least one experience with OF SMART application.


/ Test user #1 (D) Test user #2 (E) Test user #3 (K) Test user #4 (Ž) Test user #5 (V) Test user #6 (J) Test user #7 (V) Test user #8 (Š) Test user #9 (N)
Gender Male Female Female Male Female Male Female Female Female
Age 34 30 12 35 59 65 40 33 32
Technical skills 5/5 4/5 3/5 5/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 4/5 4/5

3. Test scenarios

Don’t pay attention to what they say. Observe what they do.

Testing of the application took place both live and online. The invitation to the test consisted of an online survey and access to the application in Figma.
Discover Survey

4. Interviews

Right approach = Useful results.

When conducting an interview, it is important not only what you ask but how you ask it. You should be prepared with open-ended questions that require more than just a yes or no answer. You may also want to ask some follow up questions if necessary. This will help ensure that each participant has an opportunity to share their thoughts and explain their actions, doubts and concerns in more detail.
During the live survey, we talked with the "testers" about several process options in the application and observed their reaction, while at the same time we were also open to their suggestions and thoughts.

End Report


Critical issues found 25%

Example of how YouX Score is calculated

How many issues have users encountered?

2 trivial, 4 medium and 1 critical issues found throughout testing.

Are users able to finish tasks independently?

75% of users were able to finish all the tasks independently.

How long do users spend on individual tasks?

Users needed an above average time to complete tasks.

How many users need guidance to proceed with task?

15% of users needed guidance in order to successfully complete tasks.

how users accepted the survey and testing?

20% of them did not solve them with enthusiasm.

Did users had any additional comments?

Only 5 users had additional comments.

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